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cover The Journal is a free-access, multidisciplinary publication of the Indian Academy of Neurosciences that aims to cover new advances in Neurosciences.It provides a platform for papers that range from computational and experimental work in the neurosciences to those that fit the interface between experiments and clinic.The Journal accepts research papers as research articles, brief communications, reviews, commentaries, book reviews, molecular images, student's perspectives on published reports in the form of journal clubs and people and views.It also includes editorials on Policy which may include intellectual property.

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Although genetic and inherited disorders are individually rare, they collectively affect about one in 17 individuals in Western population1. Genetic abnormalities at conception are more common and many of them become incompatible for embryo survival. In fact, chromosome abnormalities in embryo account for about 50% first trimester pregnancy losses. Most of these genetic abnormalities are numerical chromosome aberrations and recurrence risk of numerical chromosome abnormalities in subsequent pregnancy is low. However, neurological developmental abnormality among survivals with chromosomal aberrations, such as trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), is almost universal.

The usual complaints from politicians are that doctors do not go to villages. They try and devise quick-fix measures; some of them might even look draconian. Nothing seems to work in the long run. I have been hearing this for decades. In the year 1982 I had written an article in the Indian Journal of Medical Education on the need based medical education for India out with the 1857 London University Syllabus. Late Dr. Udupa, the then Chair of Medical Education Reforms Committee, had invited me to join them but I declined saying that if the ideas are good they could implement them. He agreed and took 100 copies of my article to be given to all from the PM down! The then PM who was keen on it was shot at and later Udupa also died and the whole process ended there.

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