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cover The Journal is a free-access, multidisciplinary publication of the Indian Academy of Neurosciences that aims to cover new advances in Neurosciences.It provides a platform for papers that range from computational and experimental work in the neurosciences to those that fit the interface between experiments and clinic.The Journal accepts research papers as research articles, brief communications, reviews, commentaries, book reviews, molecular images, student's perspectives on published reports in the form of journal clubs and people and views.It also includes editorials on Policy which may include intellectual property.

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It is paradoxical to talk about euthanasia when we are hearing people dying all over the world without willing to die such as in Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt, Palestine and so on. Life is full of contradictions, perplexing complexities, and infinite possibilities. If you ask anyone if he or she wants to die most likely you will get an answer ‘no’. On the other hand, we hear every day that people commit suicide. People are committing suicide even though we know that every species instinct is to preserve life. However, we are interested in talking about the process of euthanasia and those people who want to die of ..

Government bodies rely on evidence based science in order to make healthcare recommendations to the general public. In turn, members of the public trust that the scientific information that is being given to their doctors is based on evidence, allowing them to feel confident in the treatment they receive. For research institutions, integrity in research is extremely important because poor results of newly developed drugs or surgical procedures or incidences of harm to the public can affect their reputation and funding and ultimately hinder the advancement of science.

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