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cover The Journal is a free-access, multidisciplinary publication of the Indian Academy of Neurosciences that aims to cover new advances in Neurosciences.It provides a platform for papers that range from computational and experimental work in the neurosciences to those that fit the interface between experiments and clinic.The Journal accepts research papers as research articles, brief communications, reviews, commentaries, book reviews, molecular images, student's perspectives on published reports in the form of journal clubs and people and views.It also includes editorials on Policy which may include intellectual property.

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The six decades of Indian independence have witnessed too many plans, papers and proposals giving top priority to the health issues in India. Unfortunately, despite huge economic growth, health continues to be the greatest predicament. Even the WHO slogans ‘Health for All’, ‘Millennium Development Goals and more recently ‘universal health care have not translated into meaningful action on ground. The accessibility of healthcare as well as utilization of available healthcare facilities, especially in rural areas, continue to be poor in India.

In order to improve “Indian Health System”, a committee was set up by the government of India under the Chairmanship of Sir Joseph Bhore in 1943 and this committee in its landmark recommendation in 1946 said “If it were possible to evaluate the loss, which this country annually suffers through the avoidable waste of valuable human material and the lowering of human efficiency through malnutrition and preventable morbidity, we feel that the result would be so startling that the whole country would be aroused and would not rest until a radical change had been brought about”.

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