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cover The Journal is a free-access, multidisciplinary publication of the Indian Academy of Neurosciences that aims to cover new advances in Neurosciences.It provides a platform for papers that range from computational and experimental work in the neurosciences to those that fit the interface between experiments and clinic.The Journal accepts research papers as research articles, brief communications, reviews, commentaries, book reviews, molecular images, student's perspectives on published reports in the form of journal clubs and people and views.It also includes editorials on Policy which may include intellectual property.

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The health-care system across the world has witnessed a phenomenal improvement so that the life expectancy in almost every country has increased significantly. Besides improvements in public hygiene, the newer non-invasive methods of diagnosis, newer drugs and unprecedented technological advances in treatment and patient-care have all contributed to the longer life span. This puts further demands on applied research for developing new drugs, tests, imaging techniques, surgical modalities etc, especially because the increasing population burden and longer lifespan have generated novel health issues that were not so critical even a few decades ago.

Applying for grant funding is a consuming process that occupies a large part of an academic’s time, as well as their mind and spirit. Many academics will inevitably tell you that acquiring funding is difficult and getting harder due to reductions in research budgets and an increasing number of applicants. In this environment what a researcher wants and needs is a “level playing field” to ensure their grant is assessed fairly and decisions are based on merit and the quality of the science and track record. I have been asked to offer my personal perspective on how grants are reviewed in Australia and in doing so allow you to compare what may or may not happen in India. These views are mine and should not be seen to reflect those of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

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