Annals of Neurosciences, Volume 18, Issue 3 (July), 2011

A journal called “I wonder why not”

Like the question below, papers addressing this could lead to advances in our understanding of inflammatory disease and pain.

I wonder why I have never had a wart; nor a cold sore and I have never had the flu and very few colds. My son couldn’t get chicken pox, despite putting him on purpose in contact with infected individuals, for months; finally he got I think 2 small Pox’s. It seems we have a genetic protection from viral diseases.

I wonder why individuals in central Italy live forever with triglycerides over 1000, and so do a lot of other people.

I wonder why anxiety fuels my work while others remain calm under all circumstances.

I wonder why humans have IgD, the antibody known only for its ability to elicit an allergic reaction and I wonder why dogs don’t get allergic reactions, nor do cats and I think monkeys don’t either.

I wonder why evolution led to hair loss, but head hair was retained.

I wonder why the hair of our eyebrows grows--- oh 10 mm or so and stops, If removed, it regrows to 10 mm or so and stops. But hair on our heads grows forever. Why does not the hair of our legs or chests?

I wonder why the ureter and tube that releases semen are the same and I wonder why the cervix is where development decided the female urethra should be placed.

I wonder what is the basis of our sex drive; I know why here, if we didn’t have one, we wouldn’t exist; but what is its basis?

I wonder why we contemplate our origin and existence; what is the survival advantage in this compulsion?

So I wonder why we dream, and why we are curious. Research is not driven by any quest to cure disease. It is rationalized for this reason but in reality research is driven by curious individuals. I would be as happy studying a rock as I am studying a stem cell.

What is the survival advantage anchored in curiosity? What survival advantage drove us to reach the moon, to climb Mt Everest “because it is there”? Something. What?

Like Hank Williams, the son of the first and greatest Country Music Singer ever, who died of alcoholism and was known to be a drug addict and smoked pot, Hank Williams Jr., sings:

Hank, Why do you drink?

And why do you smoke dope?

Why do all the things that most other folks don’t.

IF I had to take a guess to put an end to your endless bitching,

I’ll tell you and all your friends in town that it’s a

Family Tradition.

I’ll buy that, but why is it a family tradition when the boy never met his dad, Hank Williams Jr.

Think of other unanswered questions; this may lead to something. The title would be different than that above.

doi : 10.5214/ans.0972.7531.1118301

Denis English, Ph.D

Senior Editor