Annals of Neurosciences, Vol 12, No 3 (2005)

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Effect of Moringa Oleifera in Experimental Model of Alzheimer's Disease : Role of Antioxidants

Ranira Ganguly, Rimi Hazra, Kaushik Ray, Debajani Guha


Effect of chronic treatment of standardized aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera (MO) leaves (250mg/Kg; PO) on colchicine infused Alzheimer model in rats, behavioral testing (Radial Y arm maze task) and brain antioxidants (superoxide dismutase, SOD, Catalase and Lipid peroxidase, LPO) level was studied in Holtzman strain adult albino rats. The result revealed that pretreatment with MO markedly increased the number of correct choices in a radial Y arm maze task. Chronic treatment with MO significantly increased the SOD and Catalase activity and decreased LPO activity in the cerebral cortex (CC). MO leaves may help to scavenge free radicals either by non enzymatic defenses like vitamins or by bioactive compounds like flavanoids or both. Thus it can be concluded that MO leaves may give protection against this devastating disease like Alzheimer's.

doi: 10.5214/ans.0972.7531.2005.120301 


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