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Vol 20, No 3 (2013)

Annals Of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


recipe for translational research in INDIA: MD-PhD or PhD-MD? PDF HTML XML
Akshay Anand, MRS Rao


emotional resonance: a mirror system for emotions of children with autism spectrum disorders PDF HTML XML
Felice Corona, Aurora Flammia, Carla Cozzarelli


Electrical activity of the distal muscles of the hand in men having high or low output alpha-frequencies while performing usual manual movements in response to sensory signals PDF HTML XML
Alevtyna Morenko
Electromyographic evaluation of blink reflex as a tool for early diagnosis of neurological dysfunction in patients of hypothyroidism. PDF HTML XML
Gaurav Kakked, Nikita Bhatt, Jitendra Lakhani, Sanjay Prakash
An Exploration of the Electrical Properties of Agarose Gel: Characterization of Concentration Using Nyquist Plot Phase Angle and the Implications of a More Comprehensive In Vitro Model of the Brain PDF HTML XML
Roland Pomfret, Karl Sillay, Gurwattan Miranpuri
Convection Enhanced Delivery: A Comparison of infusion characteristics in ex vivo and in vivo non-human primate brain tissue PDF HTML XML
Gurwattan Miranpuri, Angelica Hinchman, Anyi Wang, Dominic Schomberg, Ken Kubota, Martin Brady, Raghu Raghavan, Kevin Bruner, Ethan Brodsky, Walter Block, Ben Grabow, Jim Raschke, Andrew Alexander, Chris Ross, Heather Simmons, Karl Sillay

Journal Club

Fast rearrangement of the neuronal growth cone’s actincytoskeleton following VEGF stimulation PDF HTML XML
Parul Bali


The Ego as Cause PDF HTML XML
John Dewey

Mini Review

The Substitute Brain and the Potential of the Gel Model PDF HTML XML
Roland Pomfret, Gurwattan Miranpuri, Karl Sillay


III teaching course in cognitive neurology: from epilepsy to dementia PDF HTML XML
Rahul Tyagi

Case Report

Case of cerebral venous thrombosis presenting as acute reversible visual loss: a rarely reported association PDF HTML XML
Sayantan Ray, Dibbendhu Khanra, Nikhil Sonthalia, Manjari Saha, Arunansu Talukdar

Book Review

Chanakya’s Chant PDF HTML XML
Vijay Lakshmi Sharma

Molecular Shots

Molecular Shots PDF HTML XML
Gillipsie Minhas

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