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Vol 20, No 4 (2013)

Annals Of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


simple systems and sophisticated questions: the scientific legacy of Obaid Siddiqi PDF HTML XML
MC Arunan, Nagarjuna Gadiraju


medical education and training: implications for india PDF HTML XML
Akshay Anand, Sridhar Bammidi


Effect of folic acid in prenatal alcohol induced behavioral impairments in Swiss albino mice. PDF HTML XML
Uttam Shrestha, Mandavi Singh
Effect of subcutaneous injection of estradiol on feeding and drinking behaviors and body weight in basolateral amygdaloid lesioned rats PDF HTML XML
Bodepudi N Rao, Pal K Gopal, Pal Parvati
Biologically Inspired Circuit Model for Simulation of Glutamate Gated Ion Channels of the Postsynaptic Membrane at Synaptic Cleft PDF HTML XML
Krisha M Deka, Soumik Roy
Comparison of neurophysiological and MRI findings of patients with multiple sclerosis using oligoclonal band technique PDF HTML XML
Hamit Y Ellidag, Esin Eren, Nezahat Erdogan, Necat Yilmaz

Journal Club

Therapeutic activation of macrophages and microglia to suppress brain tumor-initiating cells PDF HTML XML
Tapan Agnihotri


Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology PDF HTML XML
Hermann Ebbinghaus

Mini Review

A critique of the literature on etiology of eating disorders PDF HTML XML
Azadeh A Rikani, Zia Choudhry, Adnan M Choudhry, Huma Ikram, Muhammad W Asghar, Dilkash Kajal, Abdul Waheed, Nusrat J Mobassarah


Report-ARVO 2013 in Seattle PDF HTML XML
Neel Kamal Sharma

Book Review

MINDCODE, How the language we use influences the way we think: PDF HTML XML
Manju Mohanty, Rahul Tyagi

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