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Vol 21, No 3 (2014)

Annals of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


Euthanasia: a regional perspective PDF HTML XML
Vinod K Srivastava


why research freedom is crucial to science PDF HTML XML
Emma Catterall


Mitochondrial complex I inhibition as a possible mechanism of chlorpyrifos induced neurotoxicity PDF HTML XML
Mohamed Salama, Doaa El-Morsy, Mohamed El-Gamal, Osama Shabka, Wael MY Mohamed
Central depressant and nootropic effects of daytime melatonin in mice PDF HTML XML
Olakunle J Onaolapo, Adejoke Y Onaolapo, Akanni A Abiola, Eniafe A Lillian
Pathogenesis of spinal cord injury induced edema and neuropathic pain: expression of multiple isoforms of wnk1 PDF HTML XML
Mostafa M Ahmed, HyunKyung Lee, Zach Clark, Gurwattan S Miranpuri, Carrie Nacht, Kush Patel, Lisa Liu, Jiliian Joslin, Douglus Kinter, Daniel K Resnick
Role of Ventromedial hypothalamus in high fat diet induced obesity in male rats: assosciation with lipid profile, thyroid profile and insulin resistance PDF HTML XML
Archana Gaur, Gopal K Pal, P. H. Ananthnarayanan, Parvati Pal

Journal Club

Gene Expression Profiling of Experimental Saccular Aneurysms Using Deoxyribonucleic Acid Microarrays PDF HTML XML
Manish K Bhardwaj


The Practical Value of Psychology to the Teacher PDF HTML XML
James Gibson Hume

Mini Review

The mechanism of degeneration of striatal neuronal subtypes in Huntington disease PDF HTML XML
Azadeh A Rikani, Zia Choudhry, Adnan M Choudhry, Nasir Rizvi, Huma Ikram, Nusrat J M Sanghamitra, Sagun Tuli


43rd Annual meeting SFN PDF HTML XML
Rahul Tyagi

Case Report

Holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation: grief management in traumatic brain injury PDF HTML XML
Ashima Nehra, Swati Bajpai, Sumit Sinha, Sudhir Khandelwal

Molecular Shots

Molecular Shots PDF HTML XML
Deepali Mathur

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