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Vol 22, No 4 (2015)

Annals of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


treatment cost audits in medical institutes:neuroeconomics of affordable healthcare PDF XML HTML
Vinod Srivastava


clinical audits and the state of record keeping in India PDF XML HTML
Meeta Rajivlochan


Cerebral ganglionic variations and movement behaviors of Lumbricus terrestris on exposure to neurotoxin PDF XML HTML
Mamanga Subaraja, AJ Vanisree
Human Embryonic Stem Cells in the Treatment of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury PDF XML HTML
Geeta Shroff, Rakesh Gupta
Lack of association of polymorphisms in six candidate genes in colombian adhd patients PDF XML HTML
Dora J Fonseca, Heidi E Mateus, Jubby M Galvez, Diego A Forero, Claudia Talero-Gutierrez, Alberto Velez-van-Meerbeke
Modeling transient retinal ischemia in mouse by ligation of pterygopalatine artery PDF XML HTML
Gillipsie Minhas, Ryuichi Morishita, Munehisa Shimamura, Reema Bansal, Akshay Anand
Pax6 influences expression patterns of genes involved in neuro-degeneration PDF XML HTML
Rajnikant Mishra, Suman Mishra, Shashank Kumar Maurya, Khushboo Srivastava, Sachin Shukla
Exploring the role of VEGF in Indian Age related macular degeneration PDF XML HTML
Kaushal Sharma, Neel K Sharma, Ramandeep Singh, Akshay Anand

Journal Club

Neural Networks of the Mouse Neocortex, Cell 156, 1096–1111, February 27, 2014 PDF XML HTML
Rahul Tyagi

Mini Review

Milk metabolites and neurodegeneration: Is there crosstalk? PDF XML HTML
Keshav Thakur, Akshay Anand


One day CRIKC workshop on Technical Advances in Retinal Imaging PDF XML HTML
Avijit Banik

Case Report

Redundant anomalous vertebral artery in a case of congenital irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation: Emphasizing on the differences from the first intersegemental artery and operative steps to prevent injury while C1-2 joint manipulation PDF XML HTML
Devi P Patra, Pravin S Salunke, Sushant K Sahoo, Mandeep Ghuman

Book Review

I am Mallala PDF XML HTML
Pallavi Chandel

Molecular Shots

Molecular S PDF XML HTML
Gillipsie Minhas

Letters to Editor

Methodological approach to brain derived neurotrophic factor in children with autism spectrum disorder PDF XML HTML
Mehmet Agilli, Fevzi Nuri Aydin, Tuncer Cayci, Yasemin Gulcan Kurt
Expression of Concern PDF XML HTML
Expression of Concern

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