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Vol 15, No 3 (2008)

Annals of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


Editorial Message PDF HTML XML
Rakesh Shukla


Neuroethics: Presidential Address Indian Academy of Neurosciences Silver Jubilee Conference, Varanasi, India PDF HTML XML
P N Tandon 54-59


Metabolism of 4-Hydroxy Trans 2- Nonenal (HNE) in Cultured PC-12 Cells PDF HTML XML
M A Siddiqui, M P Kashyap, V K Khanna, V K Gupta, V K Tripathi, S Srivastva, A B Pant 60-68
Neurobehavioral Profile of F1 and F2 Generation Mice Following One Stage Zidovudine Exposure through Pregnancy and Lactation PDF HTML XML
Ch Rajlakshmi, Asima Bhattacharyya, Anshuman Trigunayat, B L Pandey 69-74

Comprehensive Review

Functional Modulation of the P53 Gene and its Protein in Human Brain Tumors PDF HTML XML
Rohini Keshava, Mathivanan Jothi, Mohan L. Gope, Rajalakshmi Gope 75-86

Case Report

Treatment Resistant Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder An Outcome Of West Syndrome: A Case Report PDF HTML XML
Vivek Agarwal, Adarsh Tripathi, Sivakumar T 87-88

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