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Vol 19, No 3 (2012)

Annals of Neurosciences

Table of Contents


stem cell translation and bioethics PDF HTML XML
Denis English


standing against all odds PDF HTML XML
Kiran Guru


Three Cases of Near Death Experience. Is it Physiology, Physics or Philosophy ? PDF HTML XML
Moushumi Purkayastha, Kanchan Kumar Mukherjee
Relationship between General Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Levels and Stress Reactivity PDF HTML XML
Yogesh Singh, Ratna Sharma
Immunohistochemical colocalization of estrogen receptor-α and GABA in adult female rat hippocampus. PDF HTML XML
Anju Lata Rai, Usha Jeswar
Expression pattern of histaminergic neurons in the human fetal hypothalamus at second and third trimester PDF HTML XML
Trupti Khedkar, Swati Koushik, Yashashree Gadhikar

Journal Club

Preclinical Retinal Neurodegeneration in a Model of Multiple Sclerosis PDF HTML XML
Deepali Mathur, Alberto Hernandez Cano


The Dark Haired Stranger PDF HTML XML
Denis English

Mini Review

Neuropathic Pain: Role of Inflammation, Immune Response, and Ion Channel Activity in Central Injury Mechanisms PDF HTML XML
Dominic Schomberg, Mostafa Ahmed, Gurwattan Miranpuri, Julie Olson, Daniel Resnick

Comprehensive Review

Gene-based therapy of Parkinson’s Disease: Translation from animal model to human clinical trial employing convection enhanced delivery PDF HTML XML
Gurwattan S. Miranpuri, Lauren Kumbier, Angelica Hinchman, Dominic Schomberg, Anyi Wang, Hope Marshall, Ken Kubota, Chris Ross, Karl Sillay 133-146

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