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Rights & Permissions

Copyright to Publish

Annals of Neurosciences retain the copyrights to all the articles and hold copyright to the collective work. By virtue of submitting any original write up like original articles, reviews, letters to editor or commentaries etc to the Journal, the copyrights are automatically transferred to the Journal.
Requests for Permission to Reprint

Requests for permission should be made by email. For quick response please send your requests via e-mail to If necessary, requests may be faxed to +91-172-2748399 or mailed to Editor, Neuroscience Research Lab, Department of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh 160012 (INDIA)

Anyone may, without requesting permission, can use Journal Club articles provided that the original source and the applicable copyright notice are cited.

For permission to reprint pictures published under Molecular Shots Section requests should be addressed to the original authors, who hold the copyright. The full journal reference must be cited.

For all permissions following information should be provided

1. Name, affiliation, and title
2. Mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address
3. Journal volume number, issue number, and Year
4. Journal article title
5. Journal authors' names
6. Page numbers of items to be reprinted
7. Figure/table number or portion of text to be reprinted

Please also include the following information about the intended use of the material:

1. Title of work in which Journal material will appear
2. Authors/editors of work
3. Publisher of work
4. Whether work is for nonprofit or commercial use

Journal authors need not obtain permission for:

(1) to use their original figures or tables in their future works.

(2) to make copies of their papers for their own personal use, including for the personal use of colleagues provided there is no commercial nature of distribution involved.

(3) to use their articles while compiling their own works. Citation of the original source must be included.

Photocopying: No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission in writing from the copyright holder. For personal use, single photocopies of single article may be made. This consent does not extend to other types of copying such as copying for general distribution and for resale.

Electronic storage or usages:

For store or use of electronically any material contained in this journal, including any article or part of article the permission of Editor-in-Chief is required.

Open Access Policies

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